CUPE-Quebec congratulates Monique Lortitch, the first woman to head the Syndicat des cols bleus de Sherbrooke (CUPE 2729).

“We’re thrilled to see women not only take their place in trades traditionally occupied by men but also the leadership of their union. Bravo! We hope that Monique Lortitch will inspire other women to follow in her footsteps,” declared Benoît Bouchard, President of CUPE Quebec.

“We look forward to working with our new sister. Municipal employees in Sherbrooke and all over Quebec have their fair share of challenges ahead of them. She will definitely measure up to the task, and the CUPE membership will stand alongside her,” added Patrick Gloutney, Secretary-General of CUPE Quebec.

Monique Lortitch explained on the airwaves of a radio station in the city (107,7 Estrie), that working in a typically male environment has not been a walk in the park but is very proud of the headway she has made. “It hasn’t always been easy, but I like to take up challenges.”