The Syndicat des salariés de la Régie de gestion des matières résiduelles de Manicouagan signed its very first collective agreement this past Tuesday. The contract runs for five years and expires on September 13, 2023.

“Unionization has improved working conditions for the workers. We obtained average wage increases of 2.1% a year, not to mention a wage scale that calls for a minimum of $15 an hour for students. We have also improved the retirement savings program,” explained Charlaine Sirois, CUPE union representative.

Both sides at the bargaining table were very respectful during negotiations, which produced a good agreement for this first contract.

“This contract addresses the needs of both the Régie and the employees. All of us were mindful of the fact that good working conditions contribute to a healthy economy in our region,” concluded Charlaine Sirois.

The union represents 18 employees who work in administration, operations and the store. They joined CUPE in August 2018.