Check out the collective agreement language social services locals have bargained on access to information.

L.1543, Transcona Jaycees Day Care Centre Inc., Exp. Dec. 31, 2014


34.01     The Employer agrees that a staff person from the bargaining unit will be allowed to attend board meetings but will have to leave when the Board deals with in-camera issues such as personnel issues or discipline issues. The staff person would not have voting rights on the Board.

34.02     The employee representative will be notified if there is a change in time or location of a board meeting.

L.2193, Oxford County C.A.S., Exp. Mar 2013


7.01        The Employer shall recognize one bargaining unit employee on the Public Relations Committee, and the Service Committee. Such employee shall be appointed by the Union.

7.02        The Union will be entitled to appoint one employee who shall be permitted to attend public meetings of the Board of Directors as an observer but shall not be permitted to make any representations to the Board. The appointed employee will receive notices and minutes to public Board meetings, and the same agenda materials relating to public Board meetings on the same basis as members of the Board of Directors. It is understood that the Union or the employee appointed by the Union shall not be entitled to any information, agenda or other material whatsoever relating to “In- Camera” and private meetings of the Board of Directors.

L.2348, Community Education Development Association, Exp. Dec. 31, 2014



Within ten (10) days of a request by the Union, the Employer shall make available to the Union any information required by the Union such as budgets and financial statements, job descriptions, postings in the bargaining unit, job classifications, wage rates, a breakdown of point ratings in job evaluation, financial and actuarial information pertaining to pension and welfare plans and all other technical information and reports, records, studies, surveys, manuals, directives or documents required for collective bargaining purposes.

L.4523, South Essex Community Council Inc., Exp. Mar. 2015

2.11        The Employer shall forward a copy of the SECC monthly Board of Directors agenda, excluding any in-camera agenda, to the President of the Union not less than three (3) days in advance of such monthly Board meeting and shall post the approved copy of SECC Board minutes of each meeting, excluding any in- camera portion, on the Agency Network. It is agreed that from time to time the Union president or designate may petition the Board to make a presentation regarding an agenda item. Such request will not be unreasonably denied.

L.1521, Community Living Association (Lanark County), Exp. Mar 2014


Copies of all motions, resolutions and bylaws or rules and regulations adopted by the Board of Directors of the Association, with the exception of executive sessions, are to be forwarded to the Union. In the Employer’s bylaws, executive session has the same meaning as in-camera.

L.3942, Ottawa Salus Corporation, Exp. Mar. 2014

10.01     Members of the bargaining unit are able to attend Board of Directors meetings. A copy of the agenda and minutes shall be provided to those attending. After Board approval of the minutes, the minutes shall be available to all staff on the Salus Policy and Information Management system.

L. 2348, Osborne House Inc., Exp. Mar. 2015


Copies of Resolutions

Copies of all Board minutes, motions, resolutions, bylaws, rules and regulations shall be forwarded to the Union.

28.02     A staff member selected by the staff shall be entitled to serve on the Board. The staff representative shall have full voice and vote on all matters except (a) on matters involving the administration of the Collective Agreement; and (b) on matters involving personnel issues regarding employees who are not members of the bargaining unit. Where Board discussion concerns matters as outlined in (a) or (b), the staff representative shall declare a conflict of interest and absent herself from the discussion and the vote.

L.2462, Community Living Espanola, Exp. Mar. 2014

The employer shall provide to the [Consultation/redeployment] Committee all pertinent staffing, work organization and financial information.