Do you know an individual who has made a significant health and safety contribution?

CUPE’s National Health and Safety Committee would like to hear from you. The National Health and Safety Award is presented at the national convention. The award winner will receive a commemorative plaque and CUPE will make a donation to a social justice organization of their choice.

The committee is looking for an individual:

  • Whose actions have helped others.
  • Whose activities have:
    • solved problems;
    • achieved important victories;
    • established precedents;
    • improved workplace conditions;
    • helped to recognize occupational illness or disease.
  • Who is a CUPE member in good standing or a retired CUPE member.
  • Who is a health and safety leader and activist.

Eligibility is confined to CUPE members. CUPE members who are sitting on, or who have been members of the CUPE National Health and Safety Committee within the last three years are not eligible for this award.

Nominations should be submitted no later than July 25, 2023.

1.  Nominee Information

Nominations may be made by a local union or division and must be signed and supported by the Local or Division President and one other Local or Division executive member or CUPE staff representative. If the local president is the nominee, then a Vice-President should sign in their place. Information submitted may be verified.

2.  Instructions for Nomination

Please provide us with any letters of support and all relevant information on the contributions to health and safety and the benefits of these contributions. It is preferred that the information be provided in point form using a time-line format.

Relevant information may include any activities performed within CUPE at a local, provincial or national level, or with a federation of labour, the CLC, government councils and boards, safety associations, international groups, WCB and other activities that contributed to the advancement of health and safety. Please limit to a maximum of 2,500 words.

3.  Submitted by