Right-wing groups across the country are organizing rallies this Wednesday, Sept. 20, attacking trans youth and spreading disinformation about 2SLGBTQI+ people.  

The so-called “1 Million March 4 Children” is part of a growing and organized hate movement in Canada.  

As workers on the front lines, CUPE members know first-hand the toll that rising anti-2SLGBTQI+ hate is taking. Too many have been targeted in their workplaces.  

Library workers face coordinated online harassment campaigns and hateful protests at drag story time events. Governments in Saskatchewan and New Brunswick are trying to force education workers to out trans and non-binary youth, opening them up to potential violence and isolation in their homes. Social services workers who deliver public services to queer and trans communities are bearing the brunt of online campaigns to discredit their critical work.  

2SLGBTQI+ workers in all sectors and those who care for 2SLGBTQI+ young people are rightfully afraid.  

This week’s rallies will only worsen these targeted attacks. They will embolden right-wing governments committed to going after trans people’s safety to score political points.

On Wednesday, CUPE members will show up to resist hate in all its forms. We will not allow these movements to attack 2SLGBTQI+ people who need safety, support and solidarity now more than ever.