Photo of a woman at the dentistThousands of CUPE health care workers across the country are on the frontlines every day to ensure that a strong public health care system is available to assist Canadians and grow our economy. These same people are the ones who know that it is time to expand public health care so it covers us head-to-toe, including prescription drugs, mental health, addictions and dental care. That is why CUPE is delighted to see NDP leader Jagmeet Singh unveil a key part of the New Deal for People by making the first step towards free dental care for all Canadians.

“Our Denticare plan is a down payment on Tommy Douglas’ vision – comprehensive dental care as part of our healthcare system. Unlike the Liberals and the Conservatives, New Democrats are going to help people who need it, right now,” said Singh.

The plan will extend public dental care coverage to 4.3 million Canadians and provide free dental care for those across Canada who are not getting the care they need.

Currently, one out of three Canadians has no dental coverage and six million Canadians avoid seeing a dentist because of the cost. Emergency dental visits cost taxpayers more than $155 million a year. And poor oral health is linked to diabetes and respiratory illness. But the Liberals refuse to make dental care a priority.

CUPE is proud to see that the NDP is putting forward a bold plan to ensure Canadians have access to a truly comprehensive health care system.

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