On January 31st, CUPE will be joining with community allies and our partners in the labour movement and the NDP to demand long overdue legislation to end the use of scab workers during labour disputes. Join us on Parliament Hill from 11:30AM-2:30PM on January 31st to make your voice heard!

In March 2022, the federal government committed to introducing legislation to prohibit the use of scabs during lockouts and strikes as part of a Confidence and Supply Agreement with the NDP. The federal government has been conducting public consultations and CUPE has been engaged in the process to make sure the concerns of CUPE members are heard loud and clear.

On January 31st, consultations will come to a close and this is a critical moment to send a strong message to the federal government about the importance of strong anti-scab legislation to protect the rights of workers in Canada.

The use of scabs undermines workers’ rights to fair bargaining by removing our capacity to withdraw our labour and tips the scales unfairly in favour of employers. CUPE members have felt the devastating impact of this unjust system on many occasions, including our members at the Port of Quebec, where workers have been locked out since September 2022.

Together, on January 31st, let’s send a strong message in support of anti-scab legislation and our members at the Port of Quebec.