Mark Hancock, président du SCFP et Candace Rennick, secrétaire-trésorière du SCFP

This afternoon, the 33rd Convention of CUPE Quebec was the scene of a gesture of great solidarity and generosity when a collection was taken up to assist CUPE 2614, the union representing Quebec Port workers, who have been locked out for eight months, and CUPE 5454, the union representing employees of the Société Québécoise du cannabis, on strike for a year now. In all, $274,510 will be turned over to the two locals.

“Talk about altruism!  I am proud of our locals that have come to the assistance of brothers and sisters experiencing very difficult situations. In both cases, lives have been devastated. This money will be added to their strike benefits and hopefully, it will be received as salve on the wound,” said Patrick Gloutney, President of CUPE Quebec.

Two persons in the room collected funds totalling $137,255. Both national executives of CUPE, Mark Hancock, President, and Candace Rennick, National Secretary-Treasurer, were in the room and promised to double the amount.

“There is no better way of spending money than to support persons standing up for their rights,” they added.

For the past eight months, 81 families of Quebec longshore workers, whose lives have been turned upside down, see strike breakers do their work. However, the locked out employees can count on the solidarity and financial support from other CUPE unions.

Meanwhile, CUPE members with the SQDC have been on strike for a year now. When new employees are hired, they are only paid $17 an hour. They are demanding working conditions befitting a Crown Corporation.