CUPE is thrilled to learn that the City of Montreal will cut funding to non-profit organizations (NPO) that are not transparent and do not publicly disclose their documents.

“CUPE has been demanding for years that NPOs receiving public funding publicly disclose their documents as if they were subject to the Access to Information Act. We salute this excellent decision by the Plante Administration and urge other cities and towns to follow suit,” declared Denis Bolduc, President of CUPE-Quebec.

More specifically, Montreal will include a transparency clause in its agreements with NPOs receiving more than $50,000 in subsidies.

The City Clerk’s Office will be responsible for gathering documents from the organizations affected. Citizens will be able to submit an access to information request to the City of Montreal.

“There are some exceptions, but all in all, it’s good news for democracy. Anyone receiving public funding should be accountable to the public,” said Denis Bolduc.