People holding a banner that reads Pride not Prejudice with a crowd marching behind themCUPE’s National Executive Board stand in solidarity with 2SLGBTQI+ community members and allies who are under attack from far-right groups across the country.

CUPE, along with other unions, community groups, and the NDP marched in Ottawa on Wednesday to counter the bigotry driving the “1 Million March 4 Children” rallies taking place today in various cities across Canada. In Ottawa, hundreds of counter protesters shut down Wellington Street in front of Parliament, for several hours. And CUPE’s NEB members led the march.

Despite the best efforts of anti-trans protesters to provoke conflict, our message is clear; hate has no place in our country.

As more conservative governments introduce anti-trans legislation that puts education workers and 2SLGBTQI+ youth at risk, and as the Conservative Party of Canada continues to welcome extremist voices in the party, the Canadian Union of Public Employees will be there to fight back. Wherever worker’s rights are challenged by hate and intolerance, we will be there. Trans rights are human rights.