Over 75 Saskatchewan education workers are gathering in Humboldt for their annual conference to discuss workplace violence and education funding.

The conference agenda will delve into pressing issues such as workplace violence prevention, strategies for improving educational outcomes, and the importance of unity within the education sector.

“As partners in education, CUPE education workers are proud of the work we do to support students and keep our schools running,” said Omar Murray, Chairperson of the Education Workers’ Steering Committee.

Guest speakers include:

  • Kent Peterson, President of CUPE Saskatchewan: A seasoned advocate for labor rights and fair working conditions, Peterson brings invaluable expertise to the conference.
  • Samantha Becotte, President of the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation: Becotte’s leadership in championing educators’ rights and promoting excellence in education makes her a vital voice in the discourse.
  • Jeff McMaughton, Representative from the Saskatchewan School Boards Association (SSBA): McMaughton’s perspective adds depth to discussions surrounding the collaborative efforts between education workers and school boards.
  • Matt Love, Official Opposition Education Critic: Love’s insights into education policy and reform contribute significantly to the conference’s objectives.

Notably absent from the speaker’s list is Minister of Education, Jeremy Cockrill, who was invited to speak directly with education workers but declined.

CUPE represents over 7,500 educations workers across Saskatchewan. Our members are caretakers and maintenance staff who keep schools clean and safe. They are education assistants, library technicians, and teacher aides who are there every day supporting children as they learn. They are school bus drivers who make sure kids get home from school safely. They are administrative assistants, tech support and many others who make sure the schools run smoothly. They are social workers, nutrition workers, community school coordinators and trained specialists who provide extra support for children with higher needs.