Frontline PrideEvery year,2SLGBTQI+CUPE members and our allies come together to celebrate Prideand demand an end to homophobia, transphobia and oppression.We once again call on governments and employers toprioritize safety forTwo-Spirit, queer, and transworkers. 

Too often, 2SLGBTQI+ workers are subjected to violence, harassment and exclusion at work. With recent hateful attacks on drag storytime events and assaults on trans rights, CUPE members in libraries, social services and other sectors are on the frontlines in the fight against hate.  

CUPE continues to push hard for safetyin our workplaces and our communities.This Pride season, weinvite all CUPE members to join us for festivities across the country, as we fight for safe and inclusive workplaces for all.  

Show your Frontline Pride:

  • Download and useCUPE’s digital Pride 2023content, and order printed copies of the poster.  

  • Organize your local to march in your local Pride parade and participate in Pride events. 

  • Bring human rights issues to the bargaining table. Check out our guides: 

  • Read and share CUPE’s report on safety in public services for 2SLGBTQI+workers and older adults. 

  • Support campaigns by persons with disabilities, Indigenous, Black, racialized, trans, non-binary people, and other marginalized activist groups in the 2SLGBTQI+ community. 

  • Learn about genderdiversity andtake action. See CUPE’s infosheets about Allies on Gender Diversity, Pronouns  and the Canadian Labour Congress’ Workers in Transition Guide.