Skytrain stopped at a stationToday’s confirmation that previously announced lay-offs of approximately 1,500 bargaining unit employees across TransLink have been cancelled recognizes the vital service that transit workers provide to the public, says CUPE 7000.

“We’re happy to hear that TransLink has rescinded all lay-offs and that the provincial government has stepped up to the plate to ensure that the service remains sustainable and safe for those who rely on it,” said CUPE 7000 President Tony Rebelo.

“This pandemic confirms not only what a critical service transit workers provide to the public, but also the important role we play in helping to sustain and rebuild the economy. We look forward to continuing to provide the public with a safe and reliable method of transportation, as we always have.”

Photo credit: PoYang_博仰 This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License.