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On Quality of Service

  • Is the quality or level of service likely to be reduced and how?
  • Is accessibility to the service threatened by the PPP?
  • Does the PPP pose any risks to the health and safety of the public?
  • Are there increased environmental risks arising from private control of the project?

On the Impact for Workers and Communities

  • Will the PPP mean job loss?
  • Will the private sector honour the existing collective agreement?
  • Will the union be negotiating with the private sector?
  • What is the labour relations record of the private sector corporation?
  • Will the private sector maintain health and safety standards?
  • Are there potential economic costs to the community through job loss, closure of facilities or purchase of materials and supplies from outside the community?

On Efficiency and Cost Savings

  • Does the PPP claim to provide the service at a lower cost than the public sector?
  • How does it claim to accomplish this? Through new technology, restructuring, cheaper financing, less expensive inputs, economies of scale?
  • Are these claims reasonable or is the private sector low-balling cost estimates to win approval?
  • Are they underestimating some costs and failing to include hidden costs?
  • Will the public pay more for the service either directly through user fees or indirectly through higher taxes?

On Financial Risk and Accountability

  • Is the private investment or financing guaranteed by the public sector?
  • Is the private sector guaranteed a minimum amount of revenue by the public sector?
  • Is the private sector given inflation protection allowing them to raise the price of the service?
  • Is the private sector liable for cost and time overruns?
  • Is the private sector liable for health and environmental problems?
  • Is the PPP agreement completely accessible to the public?
  • Will the ongoing operations of the PPP be accountable to the public?