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REGINA CUPE 21 has ascertained through Freedom of Information (FOI) requests that costs for Regina’s plaza, referred to as the “WOW” project, could be well over $20 million. With help from CUPE Research, the City of Regina outside workers’ local questioned the actual cost of the plaza and unearthed some disturbing numbers.

The initial estimates to build the plaza were $6.8 million but the city did not receive any bids so awarded the project for $9.5 million. In response to FOI requests, the city disclosed that amounts paid by invoices to various suppliers total $13,031,162.97.

But even more disturbing, are the costly items not included: consultant reports and reviews; legal claims by the architectural firm; unfinished work; and claims arising from damage done to utilities’ underground infrastructure.  All these and damage to streets when traffic was redirected could add another $10 million to the price tag.

When we add in costs that should have been included – but weren’t – taxpayers are looking at a bill that could total almost $24 million,” says CUPE 21 President Tim Anderson.

Anderson noted that CUPE 21 wanted to get information that the public should have. “The public is entitled to accountability and transparency from their mayor and council,” says Anderson. 

CUPE 21 has published the  research and findings on their web site: wantsvsneeds.ca. Click on the city plaza costs tag on the top right side of the home page.

For more information contact:

Tim Anderson, President CUPE 21 at 527-5181

Guy Marsden, CUPE National Representative at 525-5874