City of Cornwall LogoCity of Cornwall workers are calling on the municipality to incorporate decent working conditions and stronger public services in its vision of being a “welcoming and healthy community.”

 “City workers are also part of the community and we want Cornwall to be a great place to live. That requires strong public services and good working conditions for city workers and everyone else who lives here,” said Caleb Roach, president of CUPE 3251, which represents over 135 municipal workers including aquatic instructors, water and wastewater treatment plant operators, bylaw officers, city hall clerks, as well as social and housing support workers.

The decline in working conditions is impacting workforce stability, hindering productivity, and lowering morale, said Roach. The city’s ongoing struggle to retain experienced employees is consequently impacting the delivery of services, he added.

“Our Local supplies the city’s drinking water and ensures that our wastewater is properly processed in accordance with government standards. These services are essential to the daily life of our residents. We need the municipality to ensure the best working conditions to retain a trained and experienced cohort of workers,” said Roach, a wastewater treatment operator. 

According to the union, municipal workers have a particularly important role in helping residents access important public services amidst Cornwall’s ongoing housing and affordability crisis.

“When Cornwall residents require help to access child care or affordable housing, you want them to receive assistance from a department that has requisite skills, knowledge, and experience,” Roach said.

The union is calling on the municipality to collaboratively find constructive solutions.

“Let’s work together to build stronger, healthier communities and make Cornwall a great place to live, work and play. The city’s management team can play a positive role in achieving that goal,” Roach said.