Manifestant(e)s du SCFP

Hundreds of convention goers participating in the biennial CUPE Quebec convention held this year in Quebec City demonstrated in front of the Treasury Board offices to draw attention to the importance of public services. They are negotiating for a new contract, and the offer on the table is unacceptable.

“The government must get down to serious negotiations. Compensation, working conditions along with staff attraction and retention are priorities that must be dealt with quickly, because effective health care and education services are predicated on these issues,” said Patrick Gloutney, President of CUPE Quebec.  

SQDC: The strike reaches the one-year mark

In addition, the demonstrators drew attention to the fact that the strike involving the Société québécoise du cannabis (SQDC) has now gone on for a year. Once again, the Treasury Board must loosen the purse strings and come up with suitable compensation for their workers, in other words, a figure that is befitting a Crown Corporation of that stature.

“The strike dates back a year during which time Treasury Board representatives have shown their contempt. We gave conciliation a try to move things forward, but no progress has been made. A Crown Corporation cannot pay its workers a salary that can’t even cover basic needs such as housing and food. They must set an example,” said David Clément, the President of the union representing the SQDC (CUPE 5454).