CUPE's elected leadershipOn Wednesday, delegates attended caucuses to elect the two diversity vice-presidents and their alternates, five general vice-presidents, and 14 regional vice-presidents. Along with the two national officers, these vice-presidents comprise CUPE’s National Executive Board, which takes the action needed to carry out the direction set by convention delegates. On Thursday, delegates chose two national trustees who will examine the books and records of the National Secretary-Treasurer.

National Officers

  • Mark Hancock, National President
  • Candace Rennick, National Secretary-Treasurer

General Vice-Presidents

  • Sherry Hillier, East 
  • Patrick Gloutney, Quebec
  • Fred Hahn, Ontario
  • Judy Henley, Prairies 
  • Karen Ranalletta, West

Regional Vice-Presidents

  • Ernest Green, Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Nan McFadgen, Nova Scotia
  • Ashley Clark, Prince Edward Island
  • Stephen Drost, New Brunswick
  • Frédéric Brisson, Quebec
  • Richard Delisle, Quebec
  • Michael Hurley, Ontario
  • Yolanda McClean, Ontario
  • Bryan Keith, Northern Ontario
  • Gina McKay, Manitoba
  • Kent Peterson, Saskatchewan
  • Rory Gill, Alberta, Northwest Territories and Nunavut
  • Barb Nederpel, British Columbia and the Yukon
  • Trevor Davies, British Columbia and the Yukon

Diversity Vice-Presidents

  • Aubrey Gonsalves, Black and Racialized Workers
  • Debra Merrier, Indigenous Workers
  • J.R. Simpson, Black and Racialized Workers (Alternate)
  • Mike Kubrakovich, Indigenous Workers (Alternate)

National Trustees

  • David Tremblay
  • Bob Guenther