Employees of the Municipality of Saint-François-de-Sales (CUPE 5162) in Lac-Saint-Jean and the OMH de Chibougamau (CUPE 2183) in Northern Quebec recently renewed their collective agreements.

“We are totally satisfied with the results of talks in both cases. In these regions where we have to travel over a vast territory to attend meetings, videoconferencing sped up the processes and produced gains for our members,” explained CUPE union representative Anny Gilbert.

Members with the Municipality of Saint-François-de-Sales obtained a wage hike of 2% per year until 2024 and an increased duty premium for blue-collar workers. The employer will now be providing the latter and camping employees with work clothing. In addition, all workers will now have a staffing procedure, and camping employees will have consecutive rest days in the future.

Employees with the OMH de Chibougamau will be receiving wage catch-up and a higher availability premium in addition to a wage hike. They will also be getting two additional days of family leave.

“In-person meetings are sure to resume one day. However, the pandemic did help resolve various bargaining issues more quickly, and we hope to stick with some of these new work methods going forward to be able to serve our members more effectively,” added Ms. Glibert.