CUPE, representing blue-collar workers with the Town of Chateauguay, is dismayed by the defamatory comments made by some media about blue-collar workers.  

“The irresponsible behaviour of mayor Éric Allard has created a dangerous situation for union members, who are working for the citizens of the town. The workers are the target of insults and threats. He is making unfounded allegations in order to put down the members,” said union representative Marie-Christine Morin.

Today, the parties are pleading their case before the Tribunal administratif du travail (TAT) to debate the issue of snow removal in the Town of Châteauguay. However, instead of making his arguments to the Tribunal, the mayor instead has chosen to tarnish the union’s reputation publicly.

“At a labour relations meeting, the union and management reached an agreement on the oversight of snow removal. We came up with solutions, but in spite of this, the Town disregarded what was agreed to and brought in the private sector to do the work.”

“In fact, the crux of the problem is the shoddy management of the Town of Châteauguay. They want to save money at all costs and try to cut corners. And now, they’re blaming the union. It’s totally ridiculous. We will be pleased to discuss this matter in detail before the TAT,” added Morin. 

The union will not be granting any further interviews, because it is considering filing a complaint to the Labour Relations Division of the TAT.