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75 per cent of Canadians have never heard of major Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal being negotiated in secret

A new poll, commissioned by Trade Justice Network, shows that Canadians are in the dark about key provisions of the TPP trade deal being negotiated in secret between Canada and 11 other countries, including the rules allowing corporations to override Canadian sovereignty by suing governments. This is anti-democratic, and shifts power to corporations, and away from governments.

According the Trade Justice Network, “The TPP is being negotiated in secret with plenty of input from multinational corporations, but nothing from labour leaders, environmentalists and other experts. Even our MPs don’t know what’s in it.”

CUPE is part of the network, calling for local groups to organize public discussions. The network goals are to increase awareness about the dangers of trade and investment deals and to raise the alarm when negotiations are carried out in secret. CUPE supports fair trade that works for people and the planet.

A backgrounder from the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, The TPP and Canada, also outlines some of the issues and consequences of Canada’s involvement in the TPP, as well the kind of restrictions the TTP puts on government policy and regulation.

Together with Public Services International, and other public services unions around the world, CUPE is taking action to mobilize public support and to lobby national political parties and institutions.