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OTTAWA - The upcoming campaign for leader of the federal New Democratic Party of Canada should not be hung up on ‘red herring’ issues says Paul Moist, a lifelong New Democrat and national president of Canada’s largest union.

Moist, representing over 610,000 members of the Canadian Union of Public Employees, released a statement today in response to recent comments on the past and future role of unions in the NDP, the party founded by the Canadian labour movement, and in choosing the next federal leader. 

There is no issue over this question. There is no weighted union voting for NDP leadership campaigns,” says Moist in the statement. “In 2006, at the Quebec City convention, the constitution was amended to ensure that organized labour’s role in the Party was maintained in its structures and in its membership, and to ensure that the one member – one vote principle applies to the process for electing our leader. The above facts have been lost over the course of the past week.”

Moist is calling for the upcoming leadership campaign to focus on fostering an open and transparent debate based on ideas and vision for the future of the party, and not on non-existent non-issues.

The reality of organized labour within the NDP is deep and meaningful,” wrote Moist. “At its core, it is about a shared vision on fundamental issues such as universal health care, public education and a commitment to local, national and international peace and social justice.”

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