This year, Canadians have a historic opportunity to make strong pay equity legislation a reality, and CUPE activists will have a big role to play in the months ahead. But to ensure this legislation is robust, systemic, and long-lasting, we have to step up and put pressure on the government right now.

Two years ago, the federal government committed to introducing proactive pay equity legislation for federally-regulated workers before the end of 2018. The legislation will provide a framework for comparing jobs performed by male and female workers based on overall skill, effort, responsibility and working conditions. The end goal is to ensure that jobs of female and male workers that have similar value within an organization are receiving equitable wages.

CUPE currently represents about 11,500 workers in federally-regulated sectors who will be affected by this new legislation. CUPE’s Federal Pay Equity Fact Sheet summarizes the main concepts that new legislation must address to be effective. Pay equity legislation is complex, and it is important that federal lawmakers are aware of the basic and essential components that must be made part of the new legislation.

That’s where you come in.

CUPE is looking for passionate pay equity advocates and activists to become part of our national effort to ensure Canadian women get the strong pay equity legislation they deserve.

If you want to be part of this historic effort and are interested in talking to your MP about ensuring that our pay equity legislation is effective, get in touch at

We’ll work with you to prepare you. We will walk you through the process of contacting your MP and asking for a meeting, and we will brief you on what to present to your MP at your meeting. MPs are home in their ridings for the summer break right now so it’s a great time to approach them to talk about pay equity.

We know that this legislation is coming in the fall. By working together and demanding strong action on pay equity from our government, we’ll make sure this legislation is as robust as it can be. Get in touch today!