In separate rulings involving three managers at Pacific Blue Cross, the British Columbia Labour Relations Board (LRB) has found that the non-profit benefits provider violated Section 68 of the Labour Relations Code by using prohibited replacement workers.


In a decision released yesterday, the LRB ruled that three PBC managers hired or promoted after the notice to bargain had performed work ordinarily done by CUPE 1816 members. The LRB issued a cease and desist order for these violations.


In a decision today, the LRB cited a second Section 68 violation by one of those three managers.


“These declarations fly in the face of the Employer’s claim that they’re in compliance with B.C. labour law and are doing everything above board,” said CUPE 1816 President Beth Miller.


“These managers are trying to do the work of 600 dedicated bargaining unit members. We knew this was unsustainable. But now we can confirm that, in some cases, it’s also illegal.”