A May 2018 tweet from Andrew Scheer that aimed to raise the ire of hard-working, beer-drinking, tax-paying Canadians has been given new life on Twitter.

Twitter users skewered Scheer’s tweet, which claimed Canadians pay $20 in taxes on a case of beer, unlike Americans who only pay $4.

No doubt, the Conservative Party leader thought Canadians would leap at the chance to complain about high taxes. But instead, they leapt to proclaim their love of public services, arguing that free healthcare, safe roads, and good schools were worth the price. 

We couldn’t agree more. CUPE’s 680,000 members are proud to deliver vital, high-quality public services from coast to coast, every day.

Of course, there is room for improvement in our public services. Canadians, 3.5 million of whom cannot afford the medicines they need, are in desperate need of free universal pharmacare. The chronic shortage of child care spaces, and the sky-high costs of the services that are in place, cause financial and emotional strain for families. And instead of a plan to improve infrastructure across the country, the federal Liberals are offering us the boondoggle knows as the Canada Infrastructure Bank.

Free healthcare, safe drinking water, public libraries, reliable electricity and more? Definitely worth a few extra coins when you’re cracking open a cold one on a hot summer day.

The 2019 election is on the horizon. Let’s let Andrew Sheer’s Conservatives know Canadians think quality public services are worth the taxes we pay for them. Tag us on Twitter @cupenat and use the hashtag #ThankToTaxes to share your thoughts.

Photo credit: Marcos Oliveira This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License.