Calling it ‘staggering’ that Alberta’s workplace laws and regulations have not been reviewed in over 30 years, Alberta Labour Minister Christina Gray promised changes to the Labour Code, the Employment Standards, and the Workers’ Compensation Board.

“We are looking to make life better for Albertans through a review of our province’s workplace legislation, legislation that touches the lives of almost every Albertan,” said Gray.

“This makes it imperative that our legislation is fair, up to date, and in line with other jurisdictions in Canada,” said Gray. “Currently, this simply isn’t the case.”

Gray said Alberta had fallen behind other provinces in maternity and parental leave, job protection for sick workers, and compassionate care leave and cited these as reasons labour laws need to be updated.

 “Albertan’s deserve modern, family-friendly workplaces where you are treated fairly.”

Gray said fair labour laws benefit all Albertans, including employers.

“Safe, productive workers who have the confidence of knowing they are protected by sensible workplace legislation get great results for employers, and foster strong, thriving families and communities.”