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A committee to advise the Alberta government on P3s is stacked to the rafters with developers, consultants and other corporate interests. The committee appointments are the latest step in the provinces push for P3s in schools, hospitals and just about everything in between. The government plans to have P3s fund nearly a quarter of the provinces capital needs over the next three years.

CUPE Alberta continues to challenge the governments plans. A recent CUPE-sponsored forum made the case for public investment in community services. The panel discussion, co-hosted by the Parkland Institute, featured the voices of municipal and provincial leaders, academics and CUPE members all experts on the value of public services.

Opposition parties have also sounded the alarm about a plan to lease unused public land to fundraise to build new schools. The scheme, linked to the broader P3 plan, would see land reserved for future schools or parks leased to the private sector to build malls or offices. Many worry that land would no longer be available for its original use down the road.

And a top Alberta judge has joined the chorus of opposition to Ralph Kleins P3 garage sale, speaking out against plans to build a new court building as a P3. Stressing the important of an independent judicial system, Justice Allan Wachowich called for the court to stay out of private control. We cannot be indebted to anyone but the law and our own conscienceWhat do we do in a situation where the landlord is before us in a case. He also worried about political favouritism tainting a P3 courthouse deal.