The 2019 federal election will be a very important election for CUPE members and working families across Canada. Canadians have an opportunity to elect a government that will strengthen our public services and create good-paying jobs for workers. We have an opportunity to elect an NDP government committed to creating universal pharmacare, building more affordable housing, and taking the bold action needed to fight climate change. We have an opportunity to break the pattern of electing Liberal and Conservative governments that attack our pensions, privatize our public resources, and stand in the way of a cleaner economy and environment.

There are 680,000 CUPE members across the country, which means our actions as a union can make a difference on election day. But to make that difference, we need to organize and mobilize our members to get out and support the NDP, the only party that stands with Canadian workers.

You are a leader in our union, and we need your help to make that happen. Please review the list of actions below and make a plan to do at least some of them this summer. In late August, you will receive another package with updates on what is happening on the ground around the country and how we can continue to increase our political power. Election Day is just around the corner.

The more we can engage our members in this election, the more likely we are to elect worker-friendly MPs on October 21.

  1. Contact CUPE’s election organizer to help you with your election plan.  Ask your National Rep or send an email to
  2. Share information with your members about registering to vote.  People who are registered are more likely to actually vote. Sharing this information with our members is an easy, non-partisan way you can help. You will find more information about how to register in this package.
  3. Sign up for CUPE Today updates.  CUPE publishes short daily updates on important issues connected to our union work. In the lead up to the fall vote, this is where we will share election related news. Sign up at
  4. Invite someone from CUPE to speak about the election at your Executive and/or Membership meeting.  Not comfortable talking politics at your union meeting? Not a problem, we can find someone who is. Just ask your National Rep, or send an email to
  5. Post CUPE’s election material on union boards in the workplace and share during your local’s Labour Day events.  In this electronic package, you will find a link to order posters and other materials that explain why this election is important to our members. Ordering these materials is free (shipping included).
  6. Carry the CUPE sign-up sheet for campaign volunteers.  Getting our members involved in the election campaign will expand our reach, and help elect more worker-friendly MPs. Many members don’t attend membership meetings, so having these forms with you means you can sign members up outside of meetings. You can order these forms on
  7. Register to attend the CUPE “Using our Power at Election Time” workshop in your area.  This workshop is great if getting involved in politics is new for you, and you want to explore how you can do that as a union member.
  8. Book a member (or more) off work to talk to your local members about the election. Speaking directly with our members is the most efficient way to get the word out, and it has the bonus of creating a more cohesive and stronger group moving forward in all the other times we have to stand together.

Questions? Contact your National Representative, or contact our election organizer at

Produced by CUPE for CUPE members.