What is the Unite for Fairness project?

The goal of the Unite for Fairness project is to listen to our members, strengthen our union and improve communications with our members.

Democratic organizations like CUPE must connect with what is most important: the needs, expectations and aspirations of our members. This is even more important in the face of the recent attacks on unions by right-wing governments. Our solidarity is more important than ever.

Dialogue is the key to participation and inclusion.

Unions across the country are also renewing and revitalizing their membership. Called Together Fairness Works, the Canadian Labour Congress is providing resources for all affiliates to also connect with members about our shared values and the central role of unions in our society.

At CUPE, we want to have a discussion with every one of our 627,000 members. We are providing our local unions with the tools to succeed with this project, which involves, above all, listening to our members.

The Fairness project needs the participation of people like you.

If you are a CUPE member and want more information, please email fairness@cupe.ca or contact your CUPE area office directly.