CUPE promotes respectful behaviour, introduces Code of Conduct for national events

In a joint letter to all CUPE chartered organizations, National President Paul Moist and National Secretary-Treasurer Claude Généreux recently announced the introduction of the union’s new Code of Conduct, a document that is aimed at ensuring all CUPE events are welcoming and safe so that all members have access. 

The new code states “the Code of Conduct is designed to create a safe, respectful and supportive environment within CUPE. It is meant to enhance the rights and obligations outlined in the CUPE National Constitution, the Equality Statement, and applicable human rights legislation, not replace them.”

To be applied at national conventions, conferences, schools, meetings, and all other events organized by CUPE National, the code also provides a process for dealing with complaints of inappropriate behaviour.

In their letter Moist and Généreux said the code “speaks to our collective goal to create the kind of union that all members are proud of and feel good about participating in.”

The code was a key recommendation of the National Women’s Task Force report from 2007 and supported by a CUPE convention resolution in 2007. Developed by the Equality Branch in consultation with the National Women’s Committee, it was unanimously approved by the National Executive Board in June 2010.