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Do you experience the following at work?
  • headaches or sore eyes after working on a vdt
  • violence or verbal abuse
  • stress from overwork and too many demands
  • back pain
  • aches and pains in your neck, shoulder, arms or wrists
  • skin rashes, headaches, sore eyes or throat, breathing problems
  • infections
  • slipping or tripping or maybe you just feel thoroughly uncomfortable and exhausted by the end of the working day?

If you do, you are not alone and it may be related to your work. Here are some important information that can help you.

Its a fact, CUPE jobs are a risky business

Your working conditions can play a very important role in determining your health and safety. More often than not, the dangers you face are hidden rather than obvious. For example, stress is not always a visible hazard, but it is a serious health and safety issue for many CUPE workers. Also, seemingly harmless working practices or conditions can have great effects on your well being. Working with a computer, for example, appears to be a straightforward practice. Over time, however, unsafe use of a computer can lead to serious health and safety problems.

CUPE members dont have to put up with this

All employers have a legally defined duty to provide you with a safe workplace and safe working conditions. In addition, your employer cannot expect you to work with substances that put your health at risk. If your employer asks you to work with unsafe equipment or in poor working conditions, you can contact CUPEs health and safety staff for assistance.

CUPE members have the right to be safe and healthy at work

CUPE works to ensure that you work in a healthy and safe environment. CUPEs health and safety staff can help you to:

  • inspect your workplace
  • investigate any workplace problems.

If you have any complaints, questions or worries about anything in your workplace, raise them with your CUPE staff representative.

CUPE has a long history of campaigning for health and safety issues such as:

  • workplace violence
  • communicable diseases
  • back injuries
  • chemicals
  • asbestos
  • video display terminals