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In a time of economic uncertainty, we need a government that will show leadership in addressing the needs and concerns of average Canadians.

Last week, during the federal fiscal update, Canadians looked to Prime Minister Stephen Harper for reassurance that their jobs, families and savings would be protected during the global economic crisis.

Canada’s municipalities are in desperate need of infrastructure renewal. Our employment rate is falling, yet only 40% of Canadians qualify for employment insurance. Workers across the country are worried about their pensions.

But instead of taking strong action on the economy, Harper used the fiscal update to weaken the opposition by proposing to cancel party subsidies, and to attack women and workers in the federal public service by introducing legislation to reform pay equity, and by taking away the right to strike.

This mean-spirited agenda only proves that the Harper government does not take the global economic crisis seriously.

Meanwhile, governments around the world are following calls from the recent G-20 Summit meeting for investments of about 2% of national income, which would amount to $30 billion in the case of Canada.

Now, Canada’s opposition parties are taking action, working together across party lines to provide Canadians with an alternative that works in the country’s best interests.

CUPE supports a coalition government to provide the kind of real leadership that Canadians deserve.