Simon BeaulieuSébastien G​oulet CUPE Communications

Simon Beaulieu is one of  CUPE’s many remarkable activists in Quebec. Beaulieu is fully involved at every level and mobilizes our members in the health and social services network battling the Couillard government’s cutbacks.

Beaulieu founded the action committee of CUPE’s Conseil provincial des affaires sociales (CPAS), crea­ted four years ago. He still heads the committee and helped organize very effective regional demonstrations last spring. He also represents CUPE at the mobili­zation table of the Quebec Federation of Labour. It was in that role that he became aware of the need to further coordinate actions among the different sectors of CUPE-Québec. This culminated in the creation of the mobilization table of the CUPE-Québec office.

Originally an attendant at a seniors’ home, Beaulieu embarked on his union involvement in 2005. “I started as a delegate and then got involved here and there,” said Beaulieu. “I was motivated in part due to the abusive approach of certain managers.” In recent years, CUPE’s CPAS has run a major campaign for its members who are “care enablers.” The sector purchased an ambulance that flies its colours and has a big impact at demonstrations. That was another of Beaulieu’s ideas, achieved through his well-known tenacity. “I choose my battles, but when I believe in something, I follow through on it.”

Beaulieu also has been president of CUPE 3247 since December 2012. He gets his motivation from the “thanks” received from members who appreciate the support of their union. But he stresses that his major commitment to the union would not be possible without the support of his wife and his entire family.