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But most of all, we must build massive resistance to free trade and globalization on the ground, and start by making the connections between local battles and the global struggle against corporate domination. Every fight a CUPE local takes on against job cuts, concessions, privatization or the weakening of workers’ rights, must be seen as a fight against globalization. And every victory must be seen as a blow against globalization.

We must:

  • Produce materials that spell out the risks of so-called free trade agreements and promote strategic actions against them.
  • Organize worksite meetings, teach-ins and educational sessions that bring together members to discuss how these agreements affect our workplaces, our communities and our lives.
  • Develop a workshop to help activists understand the connection between globalization and what they’re experiencing at work and in their communities.
  • Reach out to and involve more young people and workers of colour in strengthening our participation in the anti-globalization movement.
  • Train CUPE members on the strategic use of direct action and non-violent civil disobedience, and ensure they have the support they need to take action.
  • Look to affinity groups, flying squads and other ways of organizing our members to promote direct participation in confronting globalization and the right-wing agenda.
  • Organize solidarity pickets and other actions to demonstrate our common cause with workers on strike or fighting the effects of globalization across Canada and around the world.
  • Use a full range of tactics, including music, theatre and dance, as well as demonstrations, rallies and protests to highlight our concerns and the urgent need for action. The more vital and vibrant our actions, the more youth we’ll involve.
  • Examine the specific impact of globalization on women, gay and lesbian workers, workers of colour, workers with disabilities and Aboriginal workers and develop strategies to reverse its effects.
  • Integrate equality issues into our educational material, workshops and other components of our fight against globalization.
  • Continue to provide financial and activist support to the many local, regional, provincial and national coalitions organizing against corporate globalization – including the Common Front on the WTO (CFWTO) and the People’s Global Action (PGA).