The Ministry of Labour now has issued a “no-board report” for CUPE Local 3251, representing inside workers at the City of Cornwall, Ontario. A strike or lockout deadline is now set for them at 12:01 a.m., May 23rd, following the May 17th deadline for paramedics, outside workers and library workers.

The inside workers work in water and wastewater, as bylaw officers, building inspectors, child care workers, in social services, in the finance department, and more.

“Inside workers have reached the same impasse faced by all other city workers,” said Keith Sandford, CUPE National Representative. “We need to see some movement at the bargaining table if we are going to avoid a city-wide work stoppage. We’re ready to work hard in negotiations, but we’re also preparing for a strike as necessary.”

Bargaining dates have been scheduled for all four locals in the coming days. The parties are working with a mediator from the Ministry of Labour.

Paramedics’ right to strike is partially limited by an essential services agreement between the parties, which is a requirement of the Ambulance Services Collective Bargaining Act. Under the agreement signed between CUPE and the City of Cornwall, only three cars of the regular complement of nine would be on the road in a strike or lockout situation.

Members of CUPE Local 1792, who work at long-term care home Glen Stor Dun Lodge, have also requested a “no-board,” but as they do not have the right to strike, their issues will be resolved by interest arbitration if they are unable to reach a bargained settlement.

As of today, the Cornwall CUPE locals have taken to the airwaves with a radio ad playing on local stations, warning of the possibility of a strike and highlighting their willingness to reach a fair deal. Listen to Cornwall city workers’ radio ad: