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CUPE Qub0065c members are helping shape a provincial water policy that puts public water front and centre.

CUPEs latest victory came in early May, with the release of a new report that takes a strong stand against privatization and contracting out of water services, and opposes bulk export of water.

The report, commissioned by the provincial environment minister, has been endorsed by the Qub0065c government.

The reports authors say Qub0065c citizens are unanimous that water and wastewater systems are a public asset and must remain so. The report in particular the chapter on privatization reflects the hard work of CUPE 301, Montra006cs blue collar workers, and their coalition partners Eau Secours.

Local 301s Water Watch committee presented a wealth of information to the commission, and testified at the hearings. The report, which quotes CUPE, is the latest victory for CUPE 301 and Water Watch in the campaign to protect public water systems.

The report points to ageing infrastructure in urgent need of repair, echoing CUPEs call for a public infrastructure program jointly financed by the federal and Qub0065c governments.

Preventing bulk water exports is another critical concern, with commissioners categorically opposed to the large-scale transfer of freshwater resources in any form.