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Youd think it were a crime. A columnist with the Herald-Chronicle has criticized the new mayor of Halifax for displaying a bias in favour of a public solution to the Halifax harbour clean-up.

In her column January 25, Marilla Stephenson, suggests that mayor Peter Kelly leaves the city open to legal action because he has sent a letter to the Canadian Council for Public-Private Partnerships stating his preference for publicly owned and operated waste treatment plants.

It seems the corporations bidding for the $315 million deal think that elected officials shouldnt have opinions. But its not council members who are supposed to be unbiased. On the contrary, Kelly was elected on a pro-public platform last October. Its senior staff that is supposed to be unbiased, yet they have been consistent in pushing for privatization.

Intimidation tactics are typical as the water multinationals try to bully local officials into privatizing water supplies.

Lets send a clear message of support to Kelly, denouncing the pressure tactics of the water giants and a message to the reporter that we look to our elected representatives to put the public interest above corporate profits.

You can send an email to the mayor at kellyp@region.halifax.ns.ca and an email to the reporter at mstephenson@herald.ns.ca.