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Montra006c, Tuesday, November 28, 2000 In spite of the evident statistical manipulation of the results of the vote for the Bloc Qubcois to make it appear to be in a better position than in the election of 1997, the reality of the vote expressed in Qub0065c for the Parti Qubcois’ federal counterpart shows a decrease of 15,000 compared to 1997. Added to the general 10% decrease in the total number of votes in Qub0065c, these figures confirm the citizens’ cynicism and a refusal of the Parti Qubcois’ anti-worker policies.

“When, in Qub0065c, the NDP increases its votes by 11,000, the Green Party by 15,000 and even the Natural Law Party by 2,000, it is clear that a significant protest vote is being made against a Government which flaunts its own laws and creates opting out agreements, in particular in regard to workers in the municipal sector,” declared Claude Ht0075, Assistant Director for the Canadian Union of Public Workers in Qub0065c, responsible for municipal files.

“Rather than trying to whitewash reality, the Bouchard Government should try to rally our members and their families who are also electors and provincial election workers. And the only way to do so is to return to policies which respect the rights of workers, particularly the right to free bargaining. No one can accuse our organization for not having sounded the alarm in regard to the price that this Government must pay if it persists on its current path”, concluded Claude Ht0075.



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