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People want change this election. On Jan. 23 we have the opportunity to make positive change for working people.

Stephen Harper’s Conservatives represent a negative change. Based on what they have said in the campaign so far, we know their policies are bad for working people and for communities.

Stephen Harper’s Conservatives would tear up the Kyoto accord to reduce the pollution that causes global warming. Their “social housing” policy is to give tax breaks to private sector developers. Harper has said he would cancel the recent agreement between governments and aboriginals to reduce poverty, create better housing and tackle the aboriginal health crisis. He has also said he would undo the child care agreements between the provinces and the federal governments and reopen the possibility of Canadian participation in the U.S. President George W. Bush’s missile defence system.

The Conservatives post-secondary education policies, which would pile even more debt onto students, were graded “F” by student groups. A Conservative government would undermine workers’ rights, worsen working conditions and cut workers’ programs. And Harper’s support for privatization will destroy our Canadian health care system

The good news is that a positive vote for the NDP stops the Conservatives.

Jack Layton’s NDP represent a positive change. Since the Liberal campaign is continuing to freefall, it’s becoming clear that the best way to stop the Conservatives is to vote NDP. Getting more NDP MPs in Parliament is the only alternative for working women and men.

Today, the Conservatives release their full platform. Check our site shortly for our analysis.