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When you have a question about your rights at work, your first stop is normally your collective agreement – or your union steward.

But for workers without a union or for rights that aren’t set out in your contract, there’s a valuable new resource to help workers know and defend their rights.

The CLC has created a new web-based information service where workers can go to find out when they qualify for overtime pay, how much vacation time they are entitled to, and how to access maternity leave benefits. Whether you’re covered by a federal or provincial code, it gives the information that’s relevant to your situation.

At workrights.ca, workers can learn more about their rights and what to do when those rights are being denied. They’ll also be able to see for themselves the union advantage in salaries and benefits over the minimum standards provided by statute.

Visit workrights.ca and see for yourself. And if your local has a web site, you may want to provide a link to workrights.ca from your home page.