At a general meeting this afternoon, the 1800 members of the Syndicat des employées et employés de soutien de l’UQAM (SEUQAM) voted 73% in favour of continuing the strike for at least another ten days.

“We are sending a clear message to the Conseil du trésor and to the rector, Ms. Magda Fusaro, that the wage offer on the table is not good enough. We want to continue our contribution to the success of our institution, but in order to retain the members of various employment groups, whether professionals, technicians, employees of the office group and employees in the trades and services, they have to be treated properly, and that includes decent wages,” declared Louisa Cordeiro, president of the SEUQAM.

Last July 3, members of SEUQAM voted in favour of pressure tactics up to and including a five-day strike, which did take place.

UQAM employees have been without a collective agreement since May 31, 2017.