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OTTAWA The unions that put a halt to the privatization of Hydro One welcomed the announcement that the Ontario government intends to keep 100 per cent public control of the province’s transmission grid. But they say the government should scrap deregulation and stop the sell-off of generating stations and local utilities.

The province’s privatization plans for Hydro One began to unravel after the Canadian Union of Public Employees and the Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union of Canada took the Eves government to court last spring, arguing it didn’t have the legal authority to privatize the public utility.

“From the beginning we’ve been saying it was a bad idea to sell any part of Hydro One just as deregulating the electricity market has been a disaster for consumers,” said CUPE National President Judy Darcy. “We’re glad the government has finally admitted their folly on Hydro One but we say it’s time for them to admit that they’ve botched the whole job. We need a public power system that serves the needs of Ontario residents, not a get-rich-quick scheme for the Conservatives’ corporate cronies.”

“One year after the government embarked on this reckless project, they’ve come full circle,” said Cecil Makowski, CEP Ontario Vice-President. “Our legal action helped stall the government’s plans, giving Ontario residents time to organize their opposition. Privatization is an economic, social and environmental disaster and for this government, it’s been a political disaster. But today’s decision and a $75 rebate aren’t enough to quell the anger. The government needs to abandon its deregulation plans and restore our public power system.”


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