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ELECTION TRAIL, ONTARIO Activists and community supporters joined a 15 foot Trojan horse on the campaign trail today, to warn Ontarians against the dangers of privatizing public services.

The Eves government is planning to hand over control of our hospitals and hydro electric system to private, profit-seeking companies if they get re-elected, warns Natalie Mehra of the Ontario Health Coalition.

We are here to warn Ontarians that health and hydro privatization would cost more and reduce access to essential public services, says Paul Kahnert, of the Ontario Electricity Coalition. In other jurisdictions where it has been tried, hydro privatization has led to blackouts and increased service charges.

Private, for-profit hospitals cut staff and beds in order to make a profit, says Mehra. Patients suffer and costs skyrocket. In the United States, private, for-profit hospitals have resulted in higher death rates.

The Conservatives have packaged their privatization agenda as a modern day Trojan horse, hiding their real mission of public services destruction. If re-elected, they will further open the gates of our province and let private corporations plunder our public services beyond repair.

The government will be trying to sell more public assets in their next mandate to make up for lost tax revenue, warned Kahnert. The hidden costs of privatization will be a burden on Ontario families for decades to come if we dont stop it now.

In legend, the Trojan Horse was a hollow, wooden horse, filled with soldiers ready to destroy the city of Troy. Unfortunately, the Trojans believed it was a gift of peace, so they opened the gates and contributed to their own destruction.

We urge the people of Ontario to join us and refuse this gift, says Mehra. We urge voters to use their power of choice on election day to shut the gates on the Conservative era of cuts and privatization. Together, we can restore our public power, our public hospitals and our other vital public services.

The Ontario Health Coalition and the Ontario Electricity Coalition represent thousands of Ontarians, committed to protecting public health care and hydro. Both organizations welcome concerned citizens of all political stripes, have no affiliation to any political parties and do not endorse candidates.

Before you vote, ask your candidates where they stand on the privatization of public services, says Kahnert. Make sure your vote helps protect our public health care and hydro.


For further information, please contact:
Natalie Mehra, Ontario Health Coalition
Michael Hurley, 416-884-0770
Paul Kahnert, Ontario Electricity Coalition