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Today, Jan. 23, we get out the vote for positive change. Working people want a government that listens to them and will be responsive to their needs at all times, not just at election time.

As CUPE members, we want a government that will protect and improve public services while fighting against privatization.

CUPE believes the NDP is the party that will truly back the interests of working families in Parliament.

Here are 10 reasons to vote positive and vote public:

  1. The NDP will defend public health care and work to improve it. They will push for a pharmacare program along with long-term care and home care.

  2. The NDP will work to create a non-profit, quality, accessible child care program. They will fight for more money to make sure child care workers are paid decently and invest in new child care spaces.

  3. The NDP will fight for an increase to the “gas tax transfer” to five cents a litre for public transit and other public infrastructure. They will fight to restart a national housing program.

  4. The NDP addresses equality rights and social issues for women, including pay equity and programs to protect women from violence. The NDP also has the most women candidates running.

  5. The NDP will fight to restore core funding for post-secondary education and reduce tuition fees. They will also fight to establish a national grant system for students.

  6. The NDP defends workers rights, like improving employment insurance and anti-scab laws. They will defend pension plans for workers and protect the public pension system.

  7. The NDP will fight for fairer taxes to protect social programs such as health and education. They will increase the Child Tax Benefit to $4,200.

  8. The NDP will fight to protect the environment by enforcing the Kyoto accord, protecting drinking water and reducing air pollution.

  9. The NDP will fight to increase foreign aid to 0.7 per cent of gross domestic product by 2015.

  10. The NDP will fight for Aboriginal issues such as land claims, residential schools abuse, Aboriginal health, educational and social issues.