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What we want

  • The federal government must start a loan program that directly addresses water and wastewater infrastructure for municipalities. Without federal support, municipalities are vulnerable to corporate control and exploitation of their water systems.
  • Water and wastewater services and infrastructure must be publicly financed, managed and delivered.
  • A clear federal water policy that will protect and conserve our precious water resources from the United States as demand from south of the border grows.

How the Liberals have failed

  • Under the Liberals we have seen a decline in water and wastewater services and investment.
  • Hundreds of communities must boil their water, poor water quality is forcing First Nations communities to move, privatization is threatening community services and the sustainability of clean water sources such as the Great Lakes are threatened by government inaction.
  • Liberal privatization of public water systems puts profits ahead of public health and people’s right to water.

Why the Conservatives are worse

  • The privatization agenda of the Conservatives leaves public water and wastewater services more vulnerable to corporate control.

What the New Democrats say

  • The NDP believes in the value of publicly owned and delivered services to municipalities.
  • NDP leader Jack Layton says municipalities need immediate relief through a 5 cent per litre gas tax boost for spending.