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What we want

  • Canada’s role as a respected peacekeeping nation restored and revitalized.
  • Canada to resist being involved in United States’ self-serving wars and invasions.
  • Soldiers to earn better wages, have better working conditions, housing, child care and health care.

How the Liberals have failed

  • The 2005 Liberal budget set aside $13 billion for the military. A majority of the cash will go toward aircraft, support ships and other big-ticket items but not to improving the welfare of soldiers and their families.
  • It inflicted deep cuts on the military that was already struggling with low salaries, poor housing and aging equipment.
  • Canada spends less than 1 per cent of its defense budget on United Nations-led missions, down from 93 per cent when the Liberals took power.

Why the Conservatives are worse

  • Support for increased military spending without directly addressing soldiers’ needs means the Conservatives have no desire to improve working conditions.
  • The Tories stress a combat role rather than a peacekeeping one.
  • Harper has pledged cooperation with the U.S. on the missile defence program.

What the New Democrats say

  • The NDP calls for fair salaries, decent housing, training and safe equipment for Canadian soldiers.
  • Let’s get back to our role as outstanding peacekeepers.
  • Reverse the stand on the costly and misguided missile defence program.