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What we want

  • The federal government needs to enact a national environmental protection plan that reduces greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions now.
  • A national energy security policy that funds and addresses inter-provincial energy distribution, promoting clean energy sources, implementing just transition programs for workers and protecting Canada’s energy autonomy in trade agreements.
  • Energy alternatives must be researched and developed in the public sector. Public ownership and operation of power generation will uphold the right to energy for a growing population.

How the Liberals have failed

  • GHG emissions have risen 24 per cent after 12 years of Liberal government.
  • Canada has become a worse polluter than the United States.
  • The Liberals have given away our autonomy in power generation and increased fossil fuels exported to the U.S. under the North American Free Trade Agreement.

Why the Conservatives are worse

  • Harper said he would reject the Kyoto accord and let corporations meet voluntary cuts to GHG emissions.
  • Support from oil-rich Alberta means the Conservatives would reject moves to a green economy.

What the New Democrats say

  • A proposed Clean Air Act and Clean Water Act means the NDP have a plan to reduce GHGs.
  • The NDP would force industry to prove a chemical is safe before it goes to market under the proposed Polluter Pay and Toxic Pollution Reduction Act.
  • In early 2005 the NDP forced the Liberals to commit $900 million to energy efficiency retrofit programs and public transit.