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TORONTOPaul Moist, the national president of the Canadian Union of Public Employees, says, “Stephen Harper’s throne speech is full of promises rather than programs and sounds more like an election campaign speech.  It is more about winning votes than building strong communities for Canadians.”

“Tax cuts mean service cuts and since coming to power, the Harper government has made over $30 billion in tax cuts.  Rather than promoting strong public services – tools that work to prevent poverty – this prime minister seems intent on dismantling and privatizing the network of public services that build strong communities,” says Moist.

“In addition, says Moist, “Canadians see through Harper’s empty rhetoric on climate change.  They know this government has no real intention of tackling the greenhouse gases being produced by Canada.  He has reminded us that his government will not meet the targets of the Kyoto Accord.

“Harper makes the false claim that he’s given Canadians ‘choice in child care’.  But his own government has recently admitted they were unsuccessful in creating the 125,000 new child care spaces they campaigned on in the last election,” says Moist.

Says Moist, “Harper says his government plans to encourage inter-provincial trade deals like TILMA and Atlantica.  These schemes have been designed by corporate Canada to lower labour and environmental standards, under the guise of promoting ‘economic prosperity’, says Moist.

“Harper talks of helping seniors.  Why not start with introducing a universal Pharmacare program so our country’s seniors can have access to the drugs and medicine they need to stay healthy,” says Moist.

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Paul Moist, CUPE National President, 613-558-2873
Claude Généreux, CUPE National Secretary-Treasurer, (porte-parole francophone) 514-884-5074
Wendy Forbes, CUPE Communications, 416-892-8716
Sébastien Goulet, CUPE Communications, 613-808-0675