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Cutting public services. Interfering with a womans right to choose. Supporting for-profit health care while boosting military spending. What other reasons can Conservatives give us not to vote for them?

Stephen Harpers early strategy during this election has been to focus on Liberal waste and mismanagement with heavy emphasis on the sponsorship scandal but his candidates couldnt keep to the script. Some mused out loud about reducing French-language services and others talked openly of interfering with a womans right to choose. Harper moved to get them in line, but his own views on these and other subjects are just as out of touch with most Canadians.

Now, Harper is rolling out his right-wing campaign platform. More defence spending (including tanks!) and beefing up a so-called law and order agenda. His economic policies are fixated on cutting taxes no matter the social costs. Conservatives would cut social programs that help make Canada a healthier and more equitable place to live. The Conservatives share the Liberals big business bias, but their policies would come with all the regressive attitudes that their Reform Party and Canadian Alliance roots could muster.

A Conservative government would be a major step backwards for Canada.

Weve come up with ten good reasons not to vote Conservative but there are plenty more. Send us your reasons not to vote Conservative and spread the word!

Ten reasons not to vote Conservative.