The Syndicat des employé(e)s de TVA held a special general meeting Tuesday night, with members voting 96.8 per cent in favour of resorting to pressure tactics up to and including an unlimited general strike. The some 830 employees of TVA Montreal have been without a collective agreement since December 31, 2016, almost eighteen months.

“Negotiations have totally stalled. Talks are going nowhere, and we have noted that the only way out of this predicament is to pressure the employer, while at the same time giving the bargaining committee our unwavering support,” explained Réal Leboeuf, the CUPE union representative.

Discussions have bogged down, mainly on the contracting out of work that should be done by TVA workers.

“We’re now seeing work normally done by TVA employees being transferred to other Quebecor affiliates such as Quebecor Media or even the MELS studios,” said the union representative.